Who Operates Safe Place?

National Operations of Safe Place

The national operation of Safe Place is implemented by National Safe Place Network (NSPN). NSPN envisions a world where all youth are safe by ensuring an effective system of response for youth in crisis through public and private partnerships at a local, state, and national level.

NSPN is dedicated to keeping youth safe by working to expand the safety net for youth into communities nationwide. Once a community has committed to implement Safe Place, NSPN staff works with the program(s) for licensure, training, and ongoing support.

Program Level Operations of Safe Place

At the community level, Safe Place is operated primarily by youth serving agencies that provide counseling and shelter for children, teens, and young adults. These agencies work tirelessly to increase access to safety in local communities by providing outreach, educating through prevention, and building partnerships with public and private businesses/organizations as Safe Place sites.

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