Community FAQs

What is Safe Place?

Safe Place is a community program where youth agencies, local businesses and local government partner to create a network of places where youth in crisis can get immediate help. The Safe Place community assures a 24/7 option is available for young people. Learn more about Safe Place.

How can I recognize a Safe Place?

Safe Place signs are bright yellow and black, diamond-shaped signs with the words “Safe Place” in the center – like the one pictured here.

How do I help get my community involved?

There are a number of ways your community can become involved with Safe Place.  NSPN can work with you to develop a model of Safe Place that will fit your community and its resources.  You can also become involved by promoting TXT 4 HELP, a way youth in crisis can access resources via text messages.  TXT 4 HELP also has an interactive capability offering real-time professional counseling assistance 24/7 anywhere in the country.  Take a look at the ways you and your community can help keep youth safe.

How can my business become a Safe Place?

Business partnerships with Safe Place have been a staple of the program since it began in 1983.  Businesses may become designated Safe Place sites, offering youth in crisis additional front doors to youth-serving agencies throughout the community.  Some businesses are best suited to expand the safety net in other ways, such as providing funding to bring a Safe Place program to their community, providing outreach materials to help promote Safe Place, providing volunteer assistance, contributing goods and services to promote the local Safe Place initiative, or by becoming a TXT 4 HELP partner. Learn about more opportunities to get involved with Safe Place here.   

Why should I support Safe Place?

It is difficult for youth-serving agencies to meet the ever-growing needs of youth and families. These challenges provide opportunities for the community to step in and offer support.  Meeting the needs of young people and families now can help prevent more serious issues later. Take a look to see why Safe Place is important in communities across the nation.

How do I know if my community needs Safe Place?

All communities need Safe Place because it can help youth in all kinds of crisis situations.  National Safe Place Network envisions a world where all youth are safe.  Any young person can wind up in a crisis needing immediate help.  Safe Place is not just for runaway or homeless youth.  Yes, it can certainly be an important linkage for these vulnerable youth who find themselves on the street, but it is much more.  It can provide help and safety for the youth lost or stranded, or being followed by a stranger.  Many young people struggle with personal issues leading to depression and self-harm and Safe Place can be a beacon of hope for them.  The human trafficking epidemic is nationwide and Safe Place can provide an access point for safety and reunification with family and home.  No community is immune to any of these or other possible scenarios youth could face. 

How can I support Safe Place?

Financial support is the best way to meet the largest needs.  It’s critical to keep Safe Place available to youth throughout the country.  Safe Place is available to youth 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.  This availability incurs cost and your financial support can help ensure young people have someplace to go and someone to help – whenever they need it.  You can also connect with your local Safe Place agency to learn what resources and support, such as in-kind contributions and volunteer assistance, are needed in your community.

Who can be a Safe Place Volunteer?

Volunteer requirements and opportunities may vary by licensed Safe Place agencies but typically there are plenty of opportunities for people of different ages, abilities, and interests to help.  Agencies have an application process, screening, and training that is appropriate for the assigned duties. Find the licensed Safe Place agency nearest you to learn how to get involved.