Licensed TXT 4 HELP Partner

Safe Place TXT 4 HELP partners are valuable in helping to spread the safety net for youth in communities that do not have the capacity for more robust Safe Place services. There are many communities that do not have youth serving agencies that provide shelter and counseling. Some rural agencies have very few social services at all. Many urban areas may be heavily populated leaving limited capacity/availability to serve youth and families seeking services. TXT 4 HELP partners provide locations where youth can come in and safely use the texting system, get local information, and perhaps immediately connect to a counseling professional via the Safe Place interactive texting component.

TXT 4 HELP partner locations must fit the established Safe Place site criteria:

  • Easily accessible

  • Visible

  • Youth friendly – safe and comfortable

  • Ideally open 24 hours a day/otherwise as many hours as possible

  • Located in a high traffic area

  • At least two trained employees on duty

  • Maintain partnership agreement and annual licensing fee

  • Receive orientation and maintain training for employees, including all new employees

  • TXT 4 HELP partner locations must record and report all TXT 4 HELP contacts made with youth to NSPN

Steps to become a licensed TXT 4 HELP partner in your community:

  • Determine if there is an existing Safe Place program in your community.

  • If there is, please consider becoming a Safe Place site and contact the licensed agency nearest you. 

  • If there is not, a TXT 4 HELP partner agreement is created and must be signed by the location and NSPN, and the partner fee paid. 

    • TXT 4 HELP partner employees are linked to training via a mandatory video/webinar. A quiz is taken, and responses automatically recorded.

    • The location is designated as a TXT 4 HELP partner with a specially designed TXT 4 HELP window decal.

    • TXT 4 HELP partner location is added to GPS/Safe Place site list to ensure that it shows up when a youth texts for help.

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions or would like additional information.


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