Life Changes

It is very hard when a family goes through changes. Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with a mom or dad leaving or a family member passing away. These are hard situations for anyone to deal with, especially kids. It is important to learn how to handle the emotions of sadness, anger, confusion, or anxiety that you might be feeling.

  • Family changes include divorce, someone you love passing away, or even adding a new family member, like a brother or sister.

  • Dealing with these changes and emotions might not be easy or fun, it will take time to understand and learn to live with the changes.

  • If you are feeling sad about something, such as the passing of a family member or the divorce of your parents, it is okay to talk about it.

  • Find an adult you trust or a counselor who can help you sort out your feelings. 

To help a child or teenager sort through these feelings, follow these tips:

  • Children need more time to process change than adults do. They appreciate routine and the idea of sameness. If this is interrupted, children don’t know how to handle it.

  • That is why it is important to help children recognize what they are feeling and how they can cope with change.

  • To help your child deal with these big changes give an advanced warning, keep as much the same as possible, answer all of their questions, expect that some regression in behavior may happen, and be accepting of their grieving. 

  • Make sure to give them extra attention and patience.

Websites to Visit

Books for Children

  • “Families Change” by Julie A. Nelson

  • “My Family’s Changing: A First Look At Family Break Up” by Pat Thomas

  • “God Gave Us Heaven” by Lisa T. Bergren


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