Adult FAQs

What is Safe Place?

Safe Place is a community program where youth agencies, local businesses and local governments partner to create a network of places where youth in crisis can get immediate help. The Safe Place community assures a 24/7 option is available for young people. Learn more about Safe Place.

How can I recognize a Safe Place?

Safe Place signs are bright yellow and black, diamond-shaped signs with the words “Safe Place” in the center – like the one pictured here.

What types of locations are Safe Place sites?

The Safe Place logo can be found on sites such as the following: Libraries, Fire Stations, YMCA, Fast Food, Community Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, Convenient stores, etc. Learn more about where Safe Place is located.

What happens when a teen goes to a Safe Place site?

The teen will let the Safe Place site know they are in crisis and need assistance from Safe Place. The staff/manager at the site then calls the local youth service agency and lets them know they have a youth needing assistance. The site will make sure the teen is provided a safe area to wait while the agency sends a volunteer or staff.

What happens when the Safe Place agency staff or volunteer arrives?

The staff will speak with the teen to determine what is going on and what services would be most helpful. Together, they will decide if the teen needs to go to the shelter for continued support and resources or what the next step is. Teens are not forced to go to a shelter.

Are parent(s)/guardian(s) notified where the teen is?

If a teen decides to stay at the shelter, the youth service agency will contact the parents/guardians and notify them of their whereabouts and to assure them the teen is alright.

What reasons do teens seek help from Safe Place?

Teens may be having problems at school, home, work, being bullied, in danger of someone following them, homeless, or just need someone to talk to. Learn more about why teens need Safe Place.

When should I talk with my kid(s) about Safe Place?

It’s never too early to talk about Safe Place. It’s about educating youth that there are Safe Place in their community that can assist when needed.

How should I talk with my kid(s) about Safe Place?

There are lots of ways you can share information about Safe Place to teens.  Face-to-face conversations are the best, but you may also get creative to make sure the information is retained.  Learn more about educating youth about Safe Place. 

What is TXT 4 HELP?

TXT 4 HELP is a national texting initiative available to youth 24/7.  Teens can text the word "Safe" to 69866. They will be asked for their current location.  Once entered, they will be given the Safe Place location nearest them. They will have the option to respond with the word "2chat" to be directly connected to a counselor.  Learn more about TXT 4 HELP. You may also view the TXT 4 HELP FAQs.

If you have additional questions about Safe Place, please don't hesitate to reach out by email ([email protected]) or phone (502.635.3660).  The Safe Place team is happy to help.