Licensed Transit Partner

There are several states with cities of varying sizes across the country that do not have Safe Place, but they do have a transit system. These systems can work with NSPN to license their vehicles as mobile Safe Place sites, potentially partnering with local social services agencies to help meet the needs of youth in crisis that access Safe Place in this way.

Here is how Safe Place transit model works:

  1. Youth learn about the Safe Place transit program through local outreach efforts

  2. A youth can board a vehicle and let the driver/operator know they need help.

  3. The operator waives the fare, asks the youth to sit nearby, gives them a TXT 4 HELP card, and contacts the radio communications to inform them of the situation.

  4. The vehicle continues along the designated route until given further instructions. 

  5. Youth remains on the vehicle while utilizing TXT 4 HELP or until requested assistance arrives.

  6. Transit authority records and reports the occurrence to NSPN


  • Maintain partnership agreement and annual licensing fee to operate the Safe Place transit partnership model

  • Participate in the development of location specific procedures and training and maintain ongoing trainings for new employees

  • Engage actively in Safe Place community education and outreach

Steps to become a licensed Transit partner in your community:

  • Determine if there is an existing Safe Place program in your community.

  • If there is, please consider becoming a Safe Place site and contact the licensed agency nearest you.

Transit companies that are not in communities with licensed Safe Place agencies will work with NSPN to establish the Safe Place transit model. Some of the steps include:
  • Create an implementation plan between the transit authority and NSPN.

  • Determine specific procedures appropriate for the local transit authority, considering local resources

  • Plan orientation and training for operators and other community stakeholders

  • Enter into a Safe Place license agreement with NSPN to operate as a Safe Place transit partner program and maintain annual licensure and ongoing training

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions or would like additional information.


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