Safe Place Site Support Center

The Support Center is available to Safe Place sites to help keep you connected to your local licensed Safe Place agency. You may contact your local program coordinator for any training needs or need for additional materials, including:

  • Information on keeping your site compliant

    • Up-to-date signs

    • Training requirements / note site procedure sheets are available from their licensed agency

    • Check-lists

  • Available supplies/materials

    • Safe Place Signs

    • Brochures/cards

    • Posters

    • Bathroom signs

    • And more!

To look up your local licensed Safe Place agency, please enter your information below:

On-site trainings

As a site employee, you play a very important role in helping a young person resolve a crisis. If a teen or child enters your place of employment seeking help or safety, it is critical that every employee recognizes what is happening and is prepared to respond. This video will familiarize you with the standard operating procedures for handling a Safe Place situation, so that you’ll be ready if a youth in crisis appears while you are at work. Please watch the Safe Place Site Training video and take the quiz at the end to ensure you understand your vital role in the Safe Place process.

Safe Place Site Training Video

Safe Place Fire Station Training Video

Access the Safe Place Training Quiz (English) here:

Safe Place Training Video - Spanish

Access the Safe Place Training Quiz (Spanish) here:

View or download additional Safe Place site training videos at:

Safe Place procedures may vary slightly from community to community. If, after viewing the video, you have questions or need assistance with keeping your site prepared to respond to youth, please contact your local Safe Place agency.