Licensed First Responder Partner

Regardless of the size of a community, there is one consistent community resource – first responders. Considering the history of Safe Place, first responders have played a large role in the initial and ongoing success of the program. The very first Safe Place site was a fire station near the local youth shelter. Since that time, more and more fire departments and law enforcement agencies have stepped up and gotten involved, often initiating the development of a local program. Unfortunately, in some of those same communities, there are very few or no resources for youth and families in crisis. That is why the Safe Place First Responders Model was created.

The requirements for the Safe Place First Responder Partners are:

  • Willingness to partner as Safe Place sites and assist with necessary transportation to other community resources

  • Ability and willingness to spearhead or assist with the coordination of program activities and administration including data collection and reporting

  • Develop local partnerships and cooperate procedures and training

  • Actively engage and assist with community education and outreach

  • Enter into a Safe Place license agreement with NSPN to operate the Safe Place First Responders program model and maintain annual licensure and ongoing training

Steps to become a licensed First Responder partner in your community:

  • Determine if there is an existing Safe Place program in your community.

  • If there is, please consider partnering with the licensed Safe Place agency nearest you. 

First responding agencies in communities that do not have a traditional licensed Safe Place agency will work with NSPN to determine the specifics of how the Safe Place First Responders Model will operate. Some of the steps include:

  • Communication and planning will occur between the identified fire departments/law enforcement agencies/emergency medical services, and other possible community service partners (youth serving agencies).

  • A local implementation plan and standard operating procedures are created with NSPN’s assistance.

  • Determination is made regarding which local organization will be the licensed Safe Place agency and the Safe Place license is created and approved.

  • Orientation and training is planned and carried out.

  • First Responder locations are added to GPS/Safe Place TXT 4 HELP site list to ensure that they show up when a youth texts for help.

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions or would like additional information.


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