What Are People Saying About Safe Place?

Safe Place is committed to providing opportunities for safety to all youth throughout the nation.  This is done by ensuring an effective system of response for youth in crisis through public and private partnerships at a local, state, and national level. Partnerships are the foundation of the Safe Place program and could not be available without them. Safe Place partners, community members, and individuals alike have experienced the value and critical need of the program and have shared their thoughts below.  Feel free to share how you feel about the importance of Safe Place today by emailing [email protected].

“We have been part of Safe Place in 48 locations since 2004. In that time period, there has been a measurable impact for youth in crisis throughout the county. KCLS has always had positive responses to the support Safe Place has provided the youth who seek help in our libraries. Thank you to Safe Place for providing support for youth at risk!” – King County Library System; Seattle, WA

“The National Runaway Safeline believes in the importance of Safe Place and the value it provides as an option to keep youth safe and off the street.” – Gordon Vance, National Runaway Safeline

“As a family owned business, White Castle shares the Safe Place commitment to ‘a world where all youth are safe.’ We’re honored to partner with an organization that truly recognizes the dignity of each person, and that takes an active, cooperative role in assisting young people in crisis’. The work that Safe Place is doing nourishes the souls in neighborhoods everywhere, and we’re thankful for our friendship.” – Mike Guinan, White Castle

“Being part of the national Safe Place program helped us create a strong safety net for young people in risky situations in our local community.” – Pat Holterman-Hommes, Youth In Need

“QuikTrip is honored to have been involved with Safe Place since 1989. This partnership has allowed us to give back to our communities in a very tangible way. In addition to the help this brings to youth and families in crisis, this partnership allows our employees to give back to those in the communities in which we work and live.” – Lauren Sherry, QuikTrip Corporation


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