Become a Safe Place Community

Do you want to make your community a Safe Place community?
Safe Place works hard to ensure safety is available to youth at every corner. There are several models of Safe Place that can be considered. Take a look at the following options or contact Safe Place today to determine which model is best for your community.

Licensed Safe Place Agency

Licensed Safe Place agencies are youth service providers who serve as the doorway to youth safety by operating the Safe Place program in their local community. These agencies are responsible for obtaining licensure, training, and partnerships to establish the program. They are also responsible for the ongoing management and growth of their program to ensure youth have somewhere to turn. Learn more about becoming a licensed Safe Place agency.

Safe Place Site

Safe Place sites are businesses and other public locations designated by licensed Safe Place agencies as “safe places” for youth to go when in a crisis situation. These locations fit criteria set up by NSPN and receive orientation and training by the local licensed Safe Place agency. Learn more about becoming a Safe Place site.

Licensed TXT 4 HELP Partner

Safe Place TXT 4 HELP partners exist in communities that do not have a traditional Safe Place program. They are communities/locations that can promote and utilize TXT 4 HELP as a way to respond to youth in crisis when “traditional” youth crisis agency services are not available. Learn more about becoming a TXT 4 HELP Partner.

Licensed Transit Partner

The Safe Place transit model is a Safe Place approach where transit companies initiate the Safe Place program and take the lead in supporting collaborations/partnerships to provide Safe Place services. Buses and/or trains are set up as mobile Safe Place sites where youth are informed about TXT 4 HELP and are connected to local resources. Learn more about becoming a licensed Transit Partner.

Licensed First Responder Partner

The Safe Place first responder model represents a community partnership between local fire departments, emergency medical services (EMS), and law enforcement agencies initiating collaborating with NSPN to bring Safe Place to a local community. Fire stations, police stations, or EMS headquarters can be established as Safe Place sites in communities where there isn’t a traditional Safe Place program. Learn more about becoming a licensed First Responder Partner.

Safe Place Ambassador

Safe Place Ambassadors are volunteers who are passionate about creating a world where all youth are safe. Ambassadors are committed to increasing awareness and education of the Safe Place program. Learn more about becoming a Safe Place Ambassador.

Safe Place Supporter

A Safe Place Supporter is an individual that promotes Safe Place by helping raise awareness of the program, spreading the word to friends and other peers. Learn more about becoming a Safe Place supporter.

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