Sex, Pregnancy, and STDs

Whether you hear it in your favorite song, in a movie you love, or in a conversation with friends, it seems like we always hear the same thing about sex: “Everyone does it.” The fact is this: having sex is a personal choice, and not everyone chooses to do it.

The decision whether or not to have sex is a sensitive one that we all have to make in our lives, but if you do decide to have sex, you must know what to do in the moment in order to protect yourself from getting an STD, HIV, or getting someone else or yourself pregnant.

The best way to prevent pregnancy is to practice abstinence. You never have to have sex, no matter what your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, or your favorite movies say, and you should never, ever feel forced to have sex.

Should you choose to be sexually active, contraceptives reduce the chance of pregnancy, and some contraceptives (condoms) reduce the chance of pregnancy and some STDs. Keep in mind that no contraceptive is effective 100% of the time, but you absolutely must use them 100% of the time for them to be effective.  If you think you are pregnant, or just need someone to talk to, contact your local Safe Place program or find a parent, teacher, or adult you trust. Always be prepared and read the links below to get more information about safe sex.

Websites to Visit
Check out these websites for more information about sex, pregnancy, STDs, and AIDS: 


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