Get Involved

You don’t have to be a parent, business professional, or organization to get involved with Safe Place. There are lots of ways you can promote safety within your community.

Tell your friends and family

Tell your friends and family about Safe Place. It’s important to be prepared by knowing what Safe Place is and how to access help.

Safe Place can:

  • Help keep your sister safe from being followed home from school 

  • Provide shelter to your friend who was kicked out of his home

  • Offer counseling or other community resources to your family who’s struggling to communicate or get along 

  • Help your younger brother who is experiencing bullying at school

There is no problem too small or large where Safe Place cannot make a difference in a young person’s life.

Join a local Youth Advisory Board

Consider joining a local Youth Advisory Board. Local boards provide the opportunity to meet in person and participate in hands-on activities. Enter your information below and connect with the Safe Place nearest you.

Join the National Youth Advisory Board Collaboration Committee

If you’re already on a Youth Advisory Board at a youth and family service organization, introduce your group to NSPN and the National Youth Advisory Board Collaboration Committee. This committee opens the doors to work with other Youth Advisory Boards from across the nation. Learn more at

Become a Safe Place Ambassador

If you’re age 11 or older, you’re invited to become a Safe Place Ambassador. By joining as a Safe Place Ambassador, you’re signing up to help create a world where all youth are safe. Safe Place Ambassadors are responsible for increasing awareness and education of the Safe Place program. Learn more about the opportunities, expectations, and requirements.

Be a Safe Place Supporter

A Safe Place Supporter is an individual that promotes Safe Place by helping raise awareness of the program, spreading the word to friends and other peers. Learn more about becoming a Safe Place supporter.