Journey to Safety

Right now, in your community, there are youth who are dealing with bullying, suicidal thoughts, homelessness, abuse, and neglect. These young people need your help. The goal of the Journey to Safety campaign is to increase support of Safe Place so these young people have somewhere to turn when they are in danger. The Journey to Safety helps shed light on the dangers that can effect all youth and the steps they take to access safety. The challenges and the journey are different for each youth. Their need for safety and their avenue to access it remains consistent. The Safe Place sign is the universal symbol of safety. All youth in crisis can access help when going to a Safe Place or utilizing TXT 4 HELP. 

Safe Place offers immediate safety and resources to kids like Liam. Liam was kicked out of his house during a family altercation. He spent his nights couch surfing and had nowhere to go during the day.  Read more about Liam's journey to safety here.

TXT 4 HELP immediately connects kids like Zander to a professional counselor. Zander was considering suicide after the death of his mother. Read more about Zander's journey to safety here. 

Safe Place exists because kids like Liam and Zander are at risk and need access to safety. With your support, Safe Place can help ensure the journey to safety for all youth in crisis is successful.

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After making a contribution to expand the safety net for youth, get involved by sharing the Journey to Safety with others. Click here to download the campaign materials to share letters, emails, and social media posts. If you have questions about the Journey to Safety campaign, please contact [email protected]